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Photo collage: dynamic message sign with congestion message, in-vehicle navigation device, transportation operations center control room, roadside sign for 511 traveler information, traffic information via the internet, and a freeway at night.
21st Century Operations Using 21st Century Technologies


National Traffic and Road Closure Information

National Transportation Operations Coalition - The National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) provides a shared Internet resource containing a continuously updated newsletter (also available by email), shared ITS calendars of events, discussion forums, Web casts and a wide range of transportation operations resources.

TMC Pooled-Fund Study - The TMC Pooled-Fund Study is intended to serve as a forum for identifying and addressing human-centered and operational issues that are common among several transportation management centers (TMC).

Traveler Information Services Association (TISA) - TISA is a market-driven membership association with worldwide scope, established as a not for-profit company focused on proactive implementation of traffic and travel information services and products based on existing standards, including primarily RDS-TMC and TPEG technologies.

Transport Direct - Transport Direct will help people plan their journeys and compare routes & prices across different types of transport. This initiative of the Department for Transport intends to cover all types of transport within the United Kingdom, including rail, bus, car, air, ferries, trams, & taxis.

Travel Info for Mobile Device - This portal provides links to Web sites designed for viewing by travelers on web-enabled mobile devices without requiring fees or the installation of additional software.

Travel Information Highway - The Travel Information Highway (TIH), an initiative in the United Kingdom, defines is a framework that enables the exchange of real time information between owners & users of travel data transport network operators & information service suppliers. Its objective is to define & promote the widespread exchange of travel information through the use of common standards & best practice for the public-sector & commercial interests.

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