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Tolling and Pricing Team

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Office of Operations is responsible for coordinating all tolling and pricing programs that now exist under the Federal-aid Highway Program. The many programs can be potentially confusing because of their number and range of specific purposes. In an effort to minimize this potential confusion, the Office of Operations has formed a working group known as the "Tolling and Pricing Team."

The key role for the Tolling and Pricing Team is to assist public authorities by directing them to the most appropriate program (or programs) among the many options available. Members of the Tolling and Pricing Team represent the FHWA Offices of Operations, and Infrastructure – the primary offices responsible for administering each of the tolling and pricing programs – and other stakeholder offices within the FHWA and the U.S. Department of Transportation, including, but not limited to the Office of the Secretary, the Office of Policy and Governmental Affairs, and the FHWA Office of Chief Counsel. Members participate on the Tolling and Pricing Team because of their direct program responsibilities or because they are interested stakeholders for tolling and pricing programs within the U.S. Department of Transportation.

The Tolling and Pricing Team has six purposes:

  1. Coordinate all tolling and pricing activity within FHWA to facilitate the implementation and advancement of tolling and pricing projects and standards in the United States;
  2. Receive and review all Expressions of Interest submitted to the FHWA from a public authority;
  3. Direct the public authority or partnerships designated by the State to the tolling and pricing program (or programs) that can enable them to accomplish the goals set forth in their "Expression of Interest";
  4. Assist the Office of Operations in the promulgation of a final rule including requirements, standards, or performance specifications for the interoperability of automated toll collection systems as directed by SAFETEA-LU;
  5. Support each of the FHWA Program Offices that have responsibility for a tolling and pricing program, in advancing formal proposals to gain approval to toll or price motor vehicles and facilitating coordination with the FHWA Division Office; and
  6. Establish program performance goals; monitor achievements, and prepare an annual report to Congress on the status and progress of all tolling and pricing programs, including describing any program successes in meeting congestion reduction and other performance goals.

The Tolling and Pricing Team reviews all "Expressions of Interest" for the various tolling opportunities contained in current law but does not have responsibility to approve or disapprove specific projects. That responsibility resides with the Office of the Secretary. By requesting and reviewing all Expressions of Interest, the Tolling and Pricing Team can effectively guide an applicant to the most appropriate program.

Tolling and Pricing Team

Tolling and Pricing Team
Team Member Topic Phone Number
Wayne Berman Express Lanes Demonstration Program 202-366-4069
Neil Spiller
Greg Jones
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) Facilities 202-366-2188
Greg Wolf Interstate System Construction Toll Pilot Program
Interstate System Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Pilot Program
Title 23 United States Code Section 129 Toll Agreements
Allen Greenberg
Angela Jacobs
Value Pricing Pilot Program 202-366-2425