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Operations Performance Measurement

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Proposed Rule on System Performance Measures
The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration has published a rulemaking that proposes new performance measures to assess system performance, freight movement, and the CMAQ program. The proposed regulation calls for an increased level of transparency and accountability in establishing and achieving targets for performance impacting commuters and truck drivers.

For more information, please visit FHWA’s Office of Transportation Performance Management.

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The Operations Performance Measures and Management Program recently completed a project to develop an OPMM Program Road Map (HTML, PDF 240KB) of potential research and other projects during the years 2014-2018. The road map development included a peer exchange workshop on "The Perfect World for Measuring Congestion." A summary of that workshop (HTML, PDF 1.7MB) was also developed.

Performance measurement is the use of evidence to determine progress toward specific defined organizational objectives. This includes both quantitative evidence (such as the measurement of customer travel times) and qualitative evidence (such as the measurement of customer satisfaction and customer perceptions).

Operations performance measurement, therefore, measures progress toward meeting the objectives of transportation system management and operations. Although the specific objectives of management and operations activities vary among organizations, most relate to the overall goals of transportation mobility, productivity, and safety.

The FHWA Office of Operations is leading numerous activities to advance the implementation and practice of operations performance measurement at the Federal, State, and local level:

The following pages provide links to information and resources to assist in implementing operations performance measurement:

National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) Information

FHWA has acquired a national data set of average travel times for use its in performance measurement. This data set is being made available to States and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) to use for their performance management activities. The data set will be available monthly. To sign up for access, please e-mail Heretraffic.nhsdata@here.com.

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