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National Transportation Operations Coalition

The National Transportation Operations Coalition (NTOC) is an alliance of national associations, practitioners, and private sector groups representing the collective interests of stakeholders at state, local, and regional levels seeking to improve management and operation of the nation's existing transportation system so that its performance will exceed customer expectations.

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In 1999, the Federal Highway Administration initiated the National Dialogue on Transportation Operations in an attempt to encourage discussions on operations issues and advocate for a stronger focus on operating the nation's transportation system.

Some of the major initiatives of the National Dialogue on Transportation Operations included a series of white papers developed to encourage debate and discussion on the need for a stronger commitment to operations; an electronic dialogue to facilitate ongoing discussions on the meaning and role of transportation operations; and in October 2001, a National Summit on Operations was held to obtain a broad consensus on the key challenges and next steps needed to advance transportation operations.

The activities leading up to and following the National Summit laid the foundation for moving the transportation operations community from dialogue to action. As a result, institutional changes are taking place at the Federal, state, and local levels, fostering a new environment focused on improving mobility and reliability through better operation of the transportation system. This shift in thinking has lead to the evolution of the National Dialogue and resulted in the creation of NTOC.

Today, NTOC and its participating member organizations seek to carry out the National Dialogue's "call to action" to the transportation community to devote greater attention to strategies that would help our existing infrastructure perform as intended.

The NTOC Vision

NTOC will be successful when transportation decision-makers actively pursue and deploy transportation system management and operations strategies and technologies to enhance the performance of the nation's surface transportation system, with Transportation Operations being recognized as an integral part of a transportation funding and staffing continuum along with planning, design, construction and maintenance.

NTOC Mission

NTOC will advance the development and implementation of Transportation Operations strategies by working cooperatively to:

  1. Identify and communicate the proven benefits of Transportation Operations to all stakeholders, including but not limited to policy makers, practitioners, communities and the media. Read more here.
  2. Develop and provide support for the Transportation Operations practitioner community through educational and technical resources. Read more here.
  3. Provide a forum for Transportation Operations leaders and stakeholders to share news, best practices, and strategies. Read more here.


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For more information about the National Transportation Operations Coalition, please contact Justin Wagner:

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