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Truck Parking

SAFETEA-LU authorized $25M for a pilot program to address the shortage of long term parking for commercial motor vehicles on the National Highway System (NHS). Two large-scale ITS based projects are being advanced through the program, one in California (CA) [I-5] and one on the East Coast [seven states, I-95]. Another five programs were awarded funding in FY10: Utah (UT), Mississippi (MS), Oregon (OR), Tennessee (TN) and Pennsylvania (PA). Only one of the five obligated their full award (UT), one obligated a portion of their award (TN) and the other three had their funds withdrawn through August Redistribution. Subsequently, one recipient turned back the funds for their project. A Federal Register Notice soliciting applications was issued in Fall, 2010, awards to Michigan and Minnesota totaling close to $6.5M have been made as result. A broad FHWA solicitation for FY 2011 Discretionary Programs was conducted in the 3rd Quarter of FY 2011; the Truck Parking was included in this Solicitation. A total of 31 applications representing more than $80M in projects requesting more than $61M in Truck Parking Program funds was received in response to this Solicitation. The review and ranking of the projects is complete and recommendations for funding wards have been developed and are advancing through FHWA/USDOT approval process. Approximately $7.2M is available to support awards in support of this solicitation.

SAFETEA-LU Freight Programs
Section 1305 Truck Parking Facilities

SAFETEA-LU Fact Sheet – Truck Parking

Statutory Citations
SAFETEA-LU Section §1305

Reports to Congress

  • Commercial Motor Vehicle Parking Shortage [HTML, PDF 700KB]

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