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Summary Outline - Modified Pre-Trip Meeting

III. Modified Pre-trip Meeting

(Team coordination for enroute non-stationary transfer of escort responsibilities, i.e. “pick-up on the move”)

A. Review Pre-trip Planning contingency plan for enroute transfer of escort responsibilities

  1. An enroute non-stationary transfer should be the exception
  2. Overlapping escort services is the preferred method for transferring escort responsibilities when an enroute transfer is necessary

B. Complete minimum safety procedures by two-way communication

  1. Identify team members
  2. Test communication equipment
  3. Identify load specific risks and risk control measures
  4. Identify emergency situations or previously unidentified risks surfaced to date
  5. Verify the existence of the permit and applicable permit restrictions
  6. Verify the route sheet matches the designated permit route
  7. Review vehicle positioning
  8. Identify the next available safe area to stop

C. Stop at the next available safe pull-off area

  1. Complete the remainder of tasks listed for the Pre-trip Meeting for a point of origin or stationary transfer
  2. Review any unforeseen emergencies surfaced to date

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