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Traffic Management for Planned Special Events

Community Gathersing

The Planned Special Events Program provides handbooks, training and checklists to help practitioners as they develop plans using the advance information regarding the

  • Advanced planning and coordination to develop and deploy the operational strategies, traffic control plans, protocols, procedures, and technologies needed to control traffic and share real-time information with other stakeholders on the day of the event.
  • Location, time, duration, and demand expected for a planned special event. Public agencies can exploit this advanced information to minimize the effect these events may have on the general public, motorists, public agencies, and others service providers.
  • Way communities can enhance their image by providing a safe, efficient, and convenient environment for those who travel to and from an event, while at the same time minimizing any congestion-related impacts it may have on other motorists.
Car Raising Event Gathering

Lifesavers Conference

The 2013 National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities was held in Denver, Colorado from April 14-16, 2013. Once again, the Lifesavers Conference included a Traffic Incident Management/Planned Special Events track focusing on Responder Safety. During the course of the conference, attendees heard from experts on a range of topics including:

  • Rural Road Safety through Traffic Incident Management
  • Safety and Traffic Incident Management
  • "Struck-by" Incidents
  • Traffic Incident Management Training and Public Outreach
  • Safety Planning for Planned Special Events

For those presentations from the Responder Safety track and others from the conference, that have been posted, they may be viewed at http://www.lifesaversconference.org/pastevents.html.

The 2014 National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities will be held in Nashville, Tennessee from April 27-29, 2014. For additional information on the conference, please visit http://www.lifesaversconference.org/index.html.


National Special Security Events: Transportation Planning for Planned Special Events

This document provides a transportation overview of National Special Security Event (NSSE)s. As part of the transportation perspective, the document includes lessons learned from previous NSSEs, two transportation-focused case studies of two recent NSSEs, a checklist to assist transportation practitioners as they prepare for and execute an NSSE, a playbook that identifies key transportation activities for an NSSE, an NSSE fact sheet, a template as an aid to provide information about an NSSE to appropriate groups in both the planning and implementation phases of these events, and a resource directory. The primary audiences for this document are state departments of transportation (DOTs) and local transportation, public works, and law enforcement agencies responsible for planning and executing transportation for NSSEs.

  • Report Publication Number: FHWA-HOP-11-012 (HTML, PDF 2.8MB)

For a listing of Traffic Management For Planned Special Events publications, please visit the Office Of Operations' Publications Web page.

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